The use of two bass drums or double pedal can be applied in practically every style of music. Thanks to the invention of the twin pedal, with which you can play a single bass drum with two beaters, increasingly more drummers are becoming enthusiastic about the musical possibilities of this technique. It is of interest to both advanced and beginning drummers to perfect these possibilities and play drum rhythms with both feet.

In the first edition of Speed is of No Concern, Volume One: Double Pedal Coordination Exercises (1999), the emphasis is on playing basic patterns and mixed patterns which have been designed to develop a greater and more effortless independence between the different limbs.

The standard rudiment on the bass drum is the single stroke roll and consists of alternating strokes between both feet! All the patterns that are described throughout the book are based on alternating strokes between both feet.

Volume Three is an extension of Speed is of No Concern Volume One with the difference that the rhythms are more
or less mirrored meaning that after every lead foot the next foot will be followed by a second foot and after every second foot the next foot will be followed by a lead foot.